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Scarlet Heroes, Part six – Urban adventure, Part three

Scene four

Before turning her attention to the matter of getting access to Boss Nobu’s mansion, Kasumi takes a few hours break to rest and recoup her energy, healing all damage and refreshing her spells.  The downside of this is that it automatically gives the Antagonists a Victory Point.

Scene type: Conflict

Intimidate or put social pressure on an ally of the foe.

Whilst she’s been recovering Kasumi spent a bit of time asking the locals questions about how she might be able to get into Boss Nobu’s manor, and is eventually pointed in the direction of Ume the Knife, a low grade enforcer who’s known amongst the locals for being a bit soft when it comes to collecting protection money; a fact she’d probably rather not go up the chain.

NPC description and motivations were rolled randomly; Scruffy enforcer, Compassionate, Collecting a Debt

Ume is tracked down to The House of Last Rest, a small, impoverished, hospice offering care to slum residents.  Kasumi tries to follow her in, but is quickly intercepted by a nun (Stealth: 8), who informs her that unless she’s seeing a relative, she needs to leave.

Kasumi takes up station by the door instead and waits for Ume to leave.  Half an hour or so later she emerges from the building, and Kasumi steps out in front of her.

“I need to talk to you.”

Instantly wary, Ume moves a hand down to her knife and says, “Well, maybe I don’t want to speak to you.”

“This is important.  I need to get into Boss Nobu’s mansion.”

“And I want to be governor of the city.  Ain’t happening, now get out of my way.” (Reaction roll: 2 on the Stranger table, result = Anger)

Refusing to move Kasumi carries on, “You’re bad at your job, you skim part of what you do collect, and you donate it to the hospice.  That’s going to get both your boss and the Magistrates on your case.  I can help you, just get me into the Mansion.”

Skill check vs. Target of 13 (9 for the Adventure, 1 for Ume’s HD, and 3 for her hostile reaction.  Result: 10)

Ume’s eyes narrow, and then cat-fast she punches Kasumi in the stomach (1 hp) and starts running.

By the time that Kasumi has recovered, Ume has vanished into the maze of alleyways.

Scene Round up

Clues: 1

Victory points, Kasumi: 4

Victory points, Antagonist: 2 (One for Kasumi’s rest, and one because she failed the scene)

Heat (Red Spiders): 3

Notoriety (Red Spiders): 1

Scene five

Kasumi needs a new way to get into the mansion.

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Scene type: Conflict

Waylay a minion of the foe.  Face a fight instead of a check.

She decides to go for that old standby – mug someone who’s supposed to be there and steal their clothes.  Whilst a servant would draw the least attention, a guard would make it easier to carry her weapons without being immediately clocked as being out of place, and so she stakes out the back door of the courtyard that surrounds Boss Nobu’s manor (Stealth = 16).

Eventually a lone guard of about the right size leaves; Kasumi follows and attacks the moment he’s out of the manor, using the butt of her spear to avoid getting blood on to the clothes she’s hoping to use as a disguise.

The fight is barely worthy of the name; one swift blow and the guard crumples unconscious.  Kasumi quickly searches him and strips him of his over-clothes.

Is there anything useful or interesting in the guard’s possession?

Yes, but… an error in an assumption that an NPC is making

Adjective or Motivation?

Habit: This guard either wasn’t expected back this evening, or had been sent on an errand.

Is the thing found useful?

Yes.  A key seems useful.

Suitably attired, Kasumi returns to the back gate of the mansion compound.

Does the key open the gate?

Yes, but… sublimely good or bad timing by a sudden event; the obvious option is that someone else is there and waiting for the guard she’s impersonating when she enters the compound.

Kasumi steps into the compound; a few lanterns provide illumination and a trio of chained dogs watch her.  She’s just reached the house when a guard loitering by the door asks softly, “Back a bit quick.  Did you get it?”

Keeping her head bowed to avoid instant recognition, Kasumi replies in a deep voice, “No… they said it would be a couple of days…”  To her surprise, the answer is unchallenged and she’s free to enter the mansion.  (Charisma check; 2d8-1, result =11)

Scene Round up

Clues: 1

Victory points, Kasumi: 5

Victory points, Antagonist: 1

Heat (Red Spiders): 3

Notoriety (Red Spiders): 1

To be continued…