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Scarlet Heroes, Part two – Character creation

Scarlet Heroes, Part two – character creation

I’m going to be following the quick character creation rules, which start by rolling for your Race and Class (1d20, 1d8).

1d20: 11, a human

1d8: 2, a Cleric

Next three rolls on the Trait tables – one Background, one Inate quality, and one relationship. (1d100 x3)

95: A warrior Monk

3: Bursts of Strength

46: Helped a Skilled Lawyer

The most likely home for our character is the Mandarinate of Xian, though the Shogunate  is also a possibility, and leads to potentially interesting questions like “What if their lawyer friend is someone who tries to prevent people being unjustly executed in the Shogunate?”

Our character will be a Kueh woman.  Consulting the random name tables I get Kasumi Tanaka.

Next I roll our attributes

6 ; 8 ; 15 ; 14 ; 7 ; 11

Not great, but saved by not having gotten a 16.  So I’m going to be a bit meta-gamey and assign the 6 to Wisdom, then make that our 16.

Str: 7      -1

Dex: 14 +1

Con: 15 +1

Int: 11

Wis: 16  +2

Cha: 8    -1

I’ve put a low score in Strength because I feel that the Bursts of Strength trait would best represent someone who isn’t naturally strong, but who can, when the situation calls for it, really put their back into it.

Clerics get 6 hit points, modified to 7 by our Con, start with an Attack Bonus of +1, and can cast one Level 1 spell a day.

We get a total of 5 trait points – 3 as standard and another two for being Human – I’m putting 2 into Warrior Monk, 1 into Helped a Skilled Lawyer and 2 into Bursts of Strength.

Shopping is the usual 3d6 x 10 gold to spend, and we end up with 70 gold and an equipment list as follows.

Short spear (Light weapon – +1/1d6+1), Leather Armour (AC 7), Shield (+1 AC bonus), Sling (+1/1d4+1), Backpack, Camping Gear, Healer’s Bag, Scribe’s tools, Local Map, 2 sets of common clothes

With all that done, we’re ready to start adventuring