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Crypts and Things, Part three

Completed character

[aesop_character img=”” name=”Jaron Dario” caption=”1st level Sorcerer” align=”right” force_circle=”on”]

Strength 15 – +1 to hit and damage

Dexterity 10

Constitution 10

Intelligence 17 – 50% chance to understand language, Maximum spell level 6, 5% bonus XP

Wisdom 12

Charisma 10 – 40% charm, 4 henchmen limit

HP: 6

Luck: 11

Skill: 15

Sanity: 12

AC: 12

Base to-hit: +0

Spells memorised: 1

Spells known

1st level

Sleep, Divination, Cure Light Wounds, Magic Missile and Wailing Lament

2nd level

Bless, Curse


Leather Armour (AC 12), a Scimitar (1d8), 2 daggers (1d4), a Backpack, Bedroll, Fishing net, grappling hook, 50’ of silk rope, a hooded lantern, 10 pints of oil, a tent, a waterskin, 7 days of dried rations, A heavy crossbow, and 20 bolts (1d6).


22 gold, 8 silver


[aesop_character img=”” name=”Devran” caption=”Revenge-fuelled Henchman” align=”left” force_circle=”on”]
AC 12, 2 HP, +1 to hit, bow (1d6), dagger (1d4)

Devran can carry a tune, is a bit of a lech, wants revenge on someone, and will not hesitate to stab Joran in the back if he thinks his side of the deal won’t be honoured.  A lovely chap.

Next, the sample adventure…